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Finale Outdoor Region: first it will surprise you and then it will steal your heart!

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New adventures every day: mtb trails, rock-climbing overlooking the Ligurian sea, trekking that from the beach can bring you to high altitude, sailing trips and more! We cannot tell you everything in just a few lines, Finale Outdoor Region needs to be lived, challenged, loved, and shared!

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16 September 2020


L’ingresso ad oggi disponibile dalla sterrata per i faggi di Benevento, resta invece chiusa la prima parte dalla Colla Praboè.

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Event calendar, sport, music, good food. Experience the Finale Outdoor Region!

A holiday to remember must include the many events organized throughout the Finale Outdoor Region. Save the dates, join the party and meet new people!

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The areas within the Finale Outdoor Region

What is the Finale Outdoor Region? A world waiting to be discovered, a set of territories that range from the backcountry to the beach. The best destination for your outdoor holiday, where you can find sea, mountains, sport, and good food!

Area 1
Pietrese and Val Maremola
Area 2
Melogno and alta Val Pora
Area 3
Finale Ligure and its highlands
Area 4
Alta Val Bormida
Area 5
The Island Bay and Levante Area


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