26 May 2023

The UCI Enduro World Cup race course and all the info to follow the events during the weekend of June 2nd-4th

After the announcement of the UCI Marathon World Cup route, which will take place for the first time in Italy in Finale Ligure on June 4th, it's finally time to reveal the enduro race course. For the past 15 years, Finale has been the spiritual home of enduro racing, starting with Finalenduro, which hosted the Superenduro and Enduro World Series races from 2008 to 2022. Now, it welcomes the first-ever European round of the UCI Enduro World Cup, following the two stages in Maydena and Derby in Oceania.

Pietra Ligure will play a significant role in this historic event for the Finale Outdoor Region. From June 1st to June 3rd, it will host 650 athletes from UCI official teams and amateurs, as well as mechanics, professionals, companies, spectators, and media.


On Saturday, June 3rd the UCI Enduro World Cup in Pietra Ligure will feature unique characteristics for both traditional enduro and e-mtb categories. The course it has been designed to showcase the diverse environments of Pietra Ligure and Valmaremola. From long and fast forest trails on the slopes of Monte Carmo to the new trail area of Ranzi with its spectacular views and the technical and steep terrain of Monte Grosso, the riders will face a variety of terrains and riding styles.

The EDR race course includes significant numbers: 60 km in distance, 1900 meters of positive elevation gain, and 2900 meters of negative elevation gain (including a transfer shuttle to Melogno for both muscle-powered and electric categories). The riders will have to face six special stages, for a race time of approximately 35 to 40 minutes. The e-mtb category, EDR-E, will have an equally challenging course. They will have one more downhill special stage and two Power Stages (uphill stages) and long transfers on singletrack trails. The EDR-E course will cover approximately 60 km with 2200 meters of positive elevation gain and 3300 meters of negative elevation gain.

The amateur race, the Enduro of Finale Outdoor Region, will take place on Friday, June 2nd, and will follow the same course as the World Cup, with the exception of the Hiroshima Mon Amour downhill special stage and the Ranzi Power Stage.

Francesco Gozio, the Sports Coordinator of Finale Outdoor Region Sport&Events, said: " With this race course, we aimed to showcase what Pietra Ligure has to offer from a technical and geographical standpoint, creating a track that matches the level of a World Cup. The various zones offer great diversity, providing rewards to versatile riders. From an organizational perspective, Finale Outdoor Region is once again pushing towards the future, raising the competition's technical level while staying true to the enduro format. Enduro is not solely focused on downhill; it is a discipline that recognizes the most well-rounded rider, capable of excelling in both downhill sections and effectively managing a race that spans several hours. This includes uphill sections, pedalling in the special stages, and environmental factors like high temperatures that may be encountered during this time of year."

To discover the course map click HERE

To watch the course video preview click HERE


PS 1 Hiroshima Mon Amour

PS 2 Oltrefinale

PS 3 Armuin

PS 4 Dolcenera


PS 5 Spillpietra

PS 6 Cuore di Cervo


PS 1 Hiroshima Mon Amour

PS 2 Oltrefinale

PS 3 Armuin

PS 4 Sagra (Power Stage)

PS 5 Dolcenera


PS 6 Rose di Pietra (Power Stage)

PS 7 Spillpietra

PS 8 Acquedotto +

PS 9 Cuore di Cervo


If the track promises excitement, the side activities for the spectators will be equally impressive. One of the highlights is the area of Sagra di Ranzi, which with the arrival of the PS3 "Armuin" and the Power Stage show "Sagra," will offer an event within the event. There will be music, large free parking areas, a vast lawn for relaxation and children's play, and most importantly, from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday, freshly made sandwiches, beer, focaccia, drinks, and coffee provided by the group "I Giovani di Ranzi." For those who want to explore the trails in the area, it is easily accessible by bike.

Another great spectator point will be the finish of the last special stage, Cuore di Cervo, just a few steps away from the city center. There will also be a large team area in the streets and squares of the city, as well as an expo area in Piazza San Nicolò.

But that’s not all. The event continues on Sunday during the marathon race. The organizers have identified several spectator points along the course, which can be found HERE. Don't miss the "Vado Walls" and "Vado Gateways" points where you can cheer the riders tackling the most technical uphill sections of the entire course. The technical assistance area (TAZ) will be set up at the Società di Mutuo Soccorso Pace e Lavoro in Valle di Vado, featuring LED walls, animations with a connection from the Piazza of Finalborgo, and the opportunity to see the competitors up close. Lastly, don’t forget to take a walk in Finalborgo, where the start and finish of the marathon race will take place. Starting on June 3rd, you can visit the athlete village and the expo village in Piazza Porta Testa.


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